notations under
                        provision. Maria Karayanni / Open Dans 2009 -
                        with Diana Ibanez Lopez. Photo ©2009 Carina
notations under provision. collaboration involving Labanotation. concept: Maria Karagianni. performance at Open Dans, Rotterdam, with Diana Ibañez Lopez. photo ©2009 Carina Hesper


artistic texts:

- die Sinne denken: mind the dance 2020 - hier & nu [the senses are thinking... here & now]
  reflections from the work of visual and performance artist Toine Horvers
  incl. Elaine Summers, (dance) scores, and in relation to the performance series Wittgenstein
  publication bewegen - schrijven /moving - writing by Stichting Suburban, Rotterdam 2020

- a garment and no more?
  a mind-dance about domotica, home-technology,and implications
  forthcoming publication Home in a Hybrid World by Martin Pot, River Publishers, 2020

research publications:

- bridging technique - a blueprint for dancing the rainbow? (pdf online)
  National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA) Netherlands (link)
  originally published in Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 9
  Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO), Amsterdam 2017

- Dancing light - visual projection in the work of Elaine Summers (pdf online)
National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA) Netherlands (link)
published in Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 6
  Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO), Amsterdam 2010

- 40+ Years of dance, intermedia, and empowerment -
  The magic of Hidden Forest And The Elaine Summers Dance Score Book (pdf online)
  published in Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 5
  Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO), Amsterdam 2008

- the idea of (new) oder(s) / con·sens·us.
two approaches to Open Form Composition in group situations
  published in Dance Research in the Netherlands, Vol. 4
  Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO), Amsterdam 2006

thesis MfA Choreography:

- the idea of (new) order (s) - you & me both, we?
  Open Form composition and its applications to group situations
  thesis MfA choreography. tutor: João da Silva, DANCE UNLIMITED,
  Dansacademie Arnhem 2004

papers :

- geheel in beweging komen (completely coming into movement)
  first publication about Kinetic Awareness® for dance-teachers in Dutch
  paper pedagogy, tutor: Tamar Klein, Rotterdamse Dansacademie (codarts) 1996
- working with LifeForms
  paper dance composition, based on an internship with Bianca van Dillen / Stg. Stamina
  tutor: Ciel Werts, Rotterdamse Dansacademie (Codarts) 1995

- committed to body, choice & intermedia: Elaine Summers
paper dance history, tutor: Nany de Wilde, Rotterdamse Dansacademei (Codarts) 1994



new dance thoughts ongoing choreographers' diary -
dance, movement, ideas, ongoing projects ...
started 2007

travel blogs

gyō-profession (Korea) teaching at Korean National University of Arts
Seoul, South-Korea Sept - Dec. 2008
Alexandria con·sens·us (Egypt)
notes on movement, during a first visit to an Arabic country, started 2007

project blogs

from a project-blog to related events
started 2005
Sokrates Venice
artist in residence at Emily Harvey Foundation,
Venice Italy, May 8-June 16, 2014 -
reworks of Sokrates and walking con·sens·us / skytime
in collaboration with Marianna Andrigo / LiveArtsCultures,
as well as C32 and Kairòs Venezia

exploring the opera "Pelléas et Mélisande" by Claude Debussy
for the present-day global situation
in collaboration with Jean-Ulrick Désert and Gavin Viano Fabri
co-production with Open Dans and SKVR Rotterdam, NL August 2013
a Dutch interpretation of walking con·sens·s / Skytime
together with "Improvisation with Sun, Moon, and Stars",
an intermedia-collaboration with Elaine Summers, 2011 & 2010

uitnodiging aan stiekeme dansers
2-day mini festival
based on "Invitation to Secret Dancers" by Elaine Summers
Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, NL 2010

C a dance in public space
Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, NL 2008
les enfants du paradis
tűzraktér, Budapest, HU   2006
continued with thoughts on Utopia
a commissioned piece for Dattah, Delft, NL  2006
the sky above rotterdam
created for the global project SKYTIME™  2004

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