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dis·embodiment and dance

September 16th & December 11, 2022
CLOUD at Danslab, Den Haag

collage of (left) Laura Shapiro in "Last Gasp" photo credit Kathryn Butler, showing her in a white gown on which an overheated Earth is projeced in red and orange colors. Her white-gray hair is raised up to the back, she is looking up, with raised left arm forward, bent elbow in a dramatic gesture. (right)  Thomas Kortvelyessy in "Raven Kassandra" , frontal, wearing a black-face mask, arms outstretched to the sides and wearing a black costume, overlaid by an image of record heatwave  measured in 2022 in Abadan, Iran 53 degrees Celsius. idea of  overlay after scene from "Last Gasp!" by Laura  Shapiro, 2019

a shared conversation with Laura Shapiro (New York City)
about how dis-embodiment and dance can relate to social and political crises of our present times.
conducted and shared online via Zoom.

co-production with CLOUD at Danslab and Kinetic Awareness® Center

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Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers /
presentations of Elaine Summers and her work :

A Birthday for Elaine - Merián & Patti (@NYPL)

20 February 2022 online
portrait photo of Elaine. photographer unknown.  
Elaine Summers, estimated 1950s, photographer unknown

Dance artists Merián Soto and Patti Bradshaw reminiscing about their work with Elaine Summers at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts as part of the David Vaughn series The Dance Historian is In. For more details about the original talk please click here

Special thanks to Tanisha Jones at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, Merián Soto, Patti Bradshaw, and Carman Moore for their kind and generous support of this event!
Online production with The Kinetic Awareness® Center and part of The Elaine Summers Legacy Project (director: Michelle Berne)

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The Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers is facilitated with special thanks to the legal heirs of Elaine Summers, the Jerome Robbins Dance Division at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and the Kinetic Arts & Sciences, Inc./ Kinetic Awareness® Center

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