work 2020

February 21 De Dans Studio Rotterdam - February 22, 2020 SKVR Dansschool

a tempest of passion, care, desire and loss
crossing generations & realms of existence ...

created and performed in collaboration with Elie Nassar
repetitor: Eltjo Felix de Graaf

many thanks to : SKVR Dansschool, De Studio Rotterdam, Paul Sixta, Lody Meijer (simmerlab), aisthesis
Paraddy, ZUMO Outlet Store, Rafiek Mode, crescendo kappers, De Schoenmakersleest (Rotterdam)

SKVR Dansschool  aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)

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June 2 - July 9, 2020 Leeszaal Rotterdam West

can one dance about what one cannot speak?

series performed at Leeszaal Rotterdam West
with thanks to Joke van der Zwaard and the team
weekly additive chalk circle and 1,5m grid-installation by Otte Jacob/Atelier Herenplaats Rotterdam
thanks to gallery Joey Ramone Rotterdam

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Contact Zone:
Extended Body - Extended Self

13 September  - 20 December 2020
Zoom / studio Cuartito Azul, Rotterdam, Luchtpark/Hofbogen, Rotterdam

how to continue from contact improvisation during the outbreak of the Covid19-pandemic?
collaboration with Contact Zone Rotterdam
guest teachers Deborah Black, Suzan Lemont, Julia Gómez Avilés
special thanks to Remco Nijhuis and Lody Meijer

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a garment and no more?
thought-dance about domotica, and implications of home-technology
for the forthcoming publication Home in a Hybrid World by Martin Pot

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book-cover "bewegen - schrijven" by Toine Horvers
die Sinne denken [the senses are thinking] : mind the dance 2020 - here & now
about the work of Toine Horvers, dance scores, notation, Elaine Summers, and working in the moment
for the anthology bewegen - schrijven / moving - writing by Toine Horvers, Stg. Suburban

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Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers
presentations of Elaine Summers and her work :

October 26 - November 1, 2020 American Dance Guild, New York (online)
Windows in the Kitchen (2012) photo by Paula Court, used with kind permission. All rights reserved.
Invitation to Secret Dancers (2012) (2012) photo by Paula Court, used with kind permission. All rights reserved.
left to right: Jon Gibson, Douglas Dunn, and Matt Turney in Windows in the Kitchen; Elaine with Richard Jochum and many Secret Dancers in Invitation to Secret Dancers. photos ©2012 by Paula Court. Used with kind permission. All rights reserved.

Windows in the Kitchen (version 2012)
film and choreography: Elaine Summers
dance: Douglas Dunn, Matt Turney (on film)
music: Jon Gibson, Jay Clayton (on film)

Invitation to Secret Dancers (version 2012)
choreography: Elaine Summers
dancers: Kiori Kawai, Richard Jochum, Harriet Bograd, and many others ...
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Harlem, New York

online-festival 10 Years Over 10 Weeks festival by American Dance Guild, October 12 - December 20, 2020
thanks to Gloria McLean, Kaoru Maeda, Adria Rolnik, and the organizing team.

for a full overview of activities by the Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers during 2020
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The Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers is facilitated with special thanks to the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and Kinetic Arts & Sciences, Inc./ Kinetic Awareness® Center

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