work 2016

medvetánc [bear dance] : Savage 

Savage (photo)

work-in-progress showing December 9 at

kaleidoscopeKaleidoscope Miniature Events
WoLfArT Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Rotterdam / trailer

collaboration with Benjamin Strauch (piano)

exploring weight in time and space,
movement and sound ...

7 September at Electro Camp #4, Mestre/Venice (IT)  > official invitation
4 February at SEEDS #10, Rotterdam (NL)                 > official invitation

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 aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)   
poster SEEDS

performance Electro Camp #4

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group piece created with senior dancers via SKVR Dansschool

21 May
Aafje Meerwijde Ijsselmonde, Rotterdam (NL)

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Elaine Summers: Solitary Geography

photo (c)2016 Anne-Marie Pos-Terlouw
photo © 2016 by
Anne-Marie Pos-Terlouw.
all rights reserved.

17 December
Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

choreography Elaine Summers
translation and teaching of the score (1987 version) by Thomas Körtvélyessy
with thanks to Patti Bradshaw

interpretation developed and
performed by Bella Bouman

score used with permission by
the Estate of Elaine Summers

study-grant intensive Reŕl Dance Company
with support from SKVR Dansschool,
Kinetic Awareness® Center, Inc.  and
aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)

Elaine Summers Dance & Film Co.Kinetic Awareness® Center LOGO SKVR Dansschool  aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)

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performer in

A Sint You Want by Gloria Holwerda

European Race and Imagery Foundation
conference "Returning the Gaze", Innsbruck, Austria
November 5th, 2015

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performer in

Void Un-reversed

collaboration with Asami Kiuchi and So Oishi

15 September - International Computer Music Conference 2016, HKU Conservatorium, Utrecht
15 October - No Patent Pending #25, iiinitiative, Baruch Pavilion, Den Haag

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performer in

impro 3x3 generations

CLOUD/Danslab, Den Haag (NL)
June 11, 2016

dancers: Alice Bakker, Claartje Berger, Kiki Boot, Sammie Hermans,
Thomas Körtvélyessy, Weijke Koopmans, Malik Narshad Sharpe, Saulé Vaivilavicluté,  Johan Wijlage

pre-structure, rules for costumes: Weijke Koopmans, Ilse van Haastrecht
moderator & co-organiser: Jérôme Meyer
in collaboration with dansdrift

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logo CLOUD Danslab

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International Day of Dance 2016

Flyer International Dance Day 2016Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam
April 29, 2016

organized with CID-section Ridderkerk, Balletschool Violetta,
Anne-Marie Pos-Terlouw, Contact Zone, SVKR Dansschool,

with special thanks to Rotterdamse Schouwburg

special poetry for that day, written & performed by
Padonna Love

"Lovers" performed by
Matteo Nacci

performed by all participants

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