work 2014

Sokrates /
walking con·sens·us / skytime

artist in residence at Emily Harvey Foundation Venice, Italy
May 8 - June 16, 2014

special thanks to Marianna Andrigo / Live Arts Cultures
Gisela Weimann, and Jean-Ulrick Désert

re-working the existing dances Sokrates from 2000 and walking con·sens·us from  2006
the residence included a workshop of Kinetic Awareness® given at Kairós Venezia
several dances, including the final performance, became a contribution to Skytime, an ongoing project by Elaine Summers

for more details and videos see the blog

Skytime 2014 / Moon Rainbow
by Elaine Summers

international intermedia concert
September 28th, 2014

sending live-dance via internet-streaming from Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam (NL) to Solar One, New York City, in collaboration with Adolfo Estrada Vargas (video-transfer) and with thanks to Liat Magnezy, Orly Almi, Wilma van de Hel, Erica de Roo, and Jean-Ulrick Désert

music by Pauline Oliveros, Carman Moore & musicians, and Aaron Sherwood
additional choreography and dance by Kiori Kawai & dancers
visual-art installations by Raphaele Shirley and Richard Jochum

made possible by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts

Elaine Summers Dance & Film & Web Company   
Solar One Green Energy, Arts & Education Center - New York City   
New York State Council on the Arts   
logo of NASA   

ruimte in beweging

for more information in English click here
for information in Dutch see the blog hemellopers (skywalkers)

közös körös  [shared circle-dance]
Ozora Festival Hungary 2014 - photo by Péter Csizmádia, with kind                      permission
Ozora Festival, Hungary 2014 door Péter Csizmádia

opening ritual Artibarn, Ozora Festival, Dádpuszta Hungary
August 3rd, 2014

working with all artisan-workshops to create a common ritual opening
the process included daily morning-lessons and rehearsals with visitors of the festival
and included a re-worked version of  'domein' from 2013

organised and produced by Ágnes Simor
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fictive ideas, recycled thoughts

collaboration for an installation by Gerwin Luijendijk

gallery Joey Ramone Rotterdam
January 24th - March 8th, 2014

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beesteledvén  [evening-falling]

Mediamatic, Amsterdam
June 21st, 2014

duet with Johnny Schoofs
a reprise of calendar choruses January procession (for E.K.) from 2009

benefit evening for LGBT* organization All-Out
on invitation by Martin Butler (artistic director)

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