work 2013

Pelléas material / b.a.n.q.

with Gavin Viano Fabri (dance) and Jean-Ulrick Désert (dramaturgy)

exploring the French fin de siècle opera “Pelléas et Mélisande” by Claude Debussy (1902)
constraints of power and cultural hegemony in a contemporary (re)interpretation of the opera.

29 August informal presentation. Dansateliers Rotterdam
31 August excerpt performed at Open Dans 2013 the Red Edition, art-center roodkapje, Rotterdam

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framing every loud muscle

collaboration initiated by Gerwin Luijendijk (video)

live-performance of interacting dance and camera without pre-rehearsal
in the presence of an audience

17/18/19 May series Ogen & Oren I (eyes and ears) Gallery Karin Trenkel, Rotterdam

domein / domain
domein -                      foto ©2013 Mara Michels photo: Mara Michels

with Damani Leidsman

balancing power
putting it all on the edge of a single line

3 May    Binnenwegplein, Rotterdam, #GuerillaGiG / co-production: Circle Rotterdam
25 May  Gallery Karin Trenkel, Rotterdam, series "Ogen & Oren II" (Eyes & Ears no.2)

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生活 / SEI-KATSU (living)
seikatsu - foto ©2013 Léon
                          Richard photo: Léon Richard

with Kaatje Nouwèn and Janine Brall
energy in-formation, shedding layers of clothing and identity

7 April, finissage Halloween in the Spring art-work by Vanita Monk, Atelier Tarwewijk, Rotterdam

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