reprise 2009:

available tension: Raven
video-stills "Corbul"
                  Bucharest, February 2009
based on the original from 2005
performed in several venues in Europe

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continued into
sensimagiconductonectitransformative [Lucifer]
photo by Csenge Kolozsvári
collaboration with Hungarian media-artist Samu Bence
> see his description and materials

opening performance for the presentation of the interdisciplinary workshop Synoptic: Twighlight Zone at HMKV Dortmund, Germany, August 2009

A dancer accumulates movement-tension in space with the presence of the audience. In this process he plays with imagination, (im)possibility, and transcendendence.A video installation with infrared light shows visual paths of the movements and hints at the emotional layer of the performer by highlighting how he interacts with the audience, similar to how a black hole can be detected by its relation to nearby visible matter. He ends with almost imperceptibly slow and unfocused movements, a dance-approach towards white noise. At the end everybody is welcome to accept soft metallic stripes to make their own visualized movement-tensions in space. The dance is dedicated to Mary O’Donnell-Fulkerson (

- Heemraadsplein

© 2009 photographer: Léon Richards
photo: © 2009 Léon Richards.

How to bring an empty plaza in Rotterdam West
from daily moves to dance & back?

community-dance project in the borough of Delfshaven, Rotterdam (NL)

realised 13th - 18th July 2009
with collaborating choreographer Damaris Verduijn

professional dancers & dance captains:
Janine Brall, Johnny Schoofs, Miriam Stärk

+ about 20 adult and 15 children dancers
   from the neighbourhood

collaborating local resident-organisations:
Het Nieuwe Westen (the new west) and Stichting Boulevard

click here for the project-website (in Dutch)

This project has been realised with subsidy of the Borough Municipality of Delfshaven,
Revitalization Project Nieuwe Binnenweg, as well as several local commercial sponsors from the neighbourhood.
                          Project Revitalisation Nieuwe Binnenweg
logo's for partners Project
                              Revitalisering Nieuwe Binnenweg

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                      for LNs by T. Kortvelyessy new solo by Thomas Körtvélyessy

lines of the body
lines of movement
lines in space

a further development from
'bivak gloria' with Dwight Marica and Robert Rosenau

presented at Open Dans Festival
10 - 12 July, 2009 Rotterdam, NL

click here for more information  and video

made into a video-dance with Gatto Estrada Vargas
for Lage Erfbrug Bioscoop a community art project by collective Bruggenslaan
in Delfshaven, 26 Oct - 20 Nov 2009

with special thanks to
Dansateliers, Rotterdam, Stichting Espace Dulux

also at Open Dans Festival:
photo: T.K.calendar choruses:
January procession (for E.K.)

duet with Johnny Schoofs
choreography: Thomas Körtvélyessy

music: K.B. (instrumental)
special thanks to Sang-Wong Ha

a chorus of the Fairy Kings comments on a previous non-existent scene and  prepares the course of events for the shapes of things to come...

photo by
                Carina Hesper © 2009

photography © 2009 by Carina Hesper
dancers: Diana Ibanez Lopez (left) Thomas Körtvélyessy (right)

notations under provision
choreography and copyright
Laban notation and general public

collaboration with Maria Karagianni, started in 2008
performed 2009 in Rotterdam, Amsterdam (NL)  Brussels (BE)
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Discover the East

preparations for a large-scale travelogue of walking con·sens·us for Skytime™
started in 2009 with a first trip to Odessa, Ukraine
on invitation by KusiCreaVision Cultural NGO

see more about this visit here

the trip included teaching the first Master Class of Kinetic Awareness® at Yuzhny Art School and a performance of Raven at The 25th Hour, Odessa Filmcomplex Celebrations.

Supported by a travel-grant from Step Beyond, European Cultural Foundation

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