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Sarah Miriam Thöni. photo by Maria Karagianni. Rotterdam
Sarah Miriam Thöni. photo by Maria Karagianni

new classes 2009

• every Friday 10.30-12.30
   Cuartito Azul, Delftsestraat 27
   Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  January 16, 23, 30 6, 13, 20, 27 februari 2009
  single class EUR 15,-  reduced EUR 12,50*
  full series EUR 100,- reduced EUR 85,-*

• private sessions Kinetic Awareness® by appointment

     - discover and develop yourself as a unique mover, with your very own expression and choices
     - experience and understand more of your bodymind-language-patterns

     - train a strong, flexible, and dynamic body, for your ease and well-being
     - get to know more about understanding, healing & preventing injuries
       and in certain cases reduce chronic pain
         (including Repetitive Stress Injury, mouse-arm, lower back-pains, recurring headaches etc.)

what is needed:
- a warm, light, quiet space / studio
 - two large blankets, and optionally a pillow
 - easy-fitting, comfortable clothes
 - rubber balls of different sizes and textures (provided)

>> get your own rubber balls from Ledraplastic /
     Alprovi (distributor NL)
       - non-allergenic, no toxic paints etc.
       - made in Italy, family owned business
       - burst resistant.
      > "freeballs" are at the very bottom of the page:
         the largest ("universeel" 12,5 cm) are the ones we use in the group classes,
         for hands, feet, and very exact spots, try the smaller ones !
      > for the larger sitting / physio-balls click here

  in order to have enough time to explore in depth,
  an average duration of a session is 2 hours

  sessions can be given in Dutch, English, or German
  (Hungarian and French optional)

prices for teaching in Rotterdam:
  try-out session   EUR 45,- *
  single session   EUR 65,- *

  for sessions given outside of Rotterdam add EUR 15,- per full extra hour of travel
   to your location, plus the actual travel costs

   during week-days it is possible to book studio-space at Cuartito Azul
   Delftsestraat 27, Rotterdam - only 10 minutes walk from Central Station
   this will cost EUR 10,- rental fee, added to the regular price

5-session card:
  valid September 2008 - July 2009    EUR 280,- *

  special rates:
  - students, unemployed etc.  EUR 35,-
  - booking a series of sessions, group sessions etc.
  - special classes, movement coaching, etc.

>> to make an appointment or if you have more questions
     please e-mail or phone +31-6-2749 3972

possible additional sources

- Developmental Movement Patterns
- Bartenieff Fundamentals
- Masunaga / Shiatsu organ-stretches

- hands-on massage
- optional dietary advice
  based on Trad. Chinese Medicine
- basic voice-work and chakra work

- relation to space
- creative training

  * fees and conditions as of August 27th, 2008 :
     > fees are calculated in the Netherlands for clients with a gross income of EUR 2130,- or more a month, before taxes
     > for incomes above EUR 7000,- the try-out fee is EUR 80,- the regular fee EUR 120,- A 5-session card then costs EUR 450,-
     > all other income-groups have to be negotiated. reduction is offered for class-series etc.

     > all fees are calculated for sessions given at the home of the client
        renting studio space in Rotterdam can be arranged two weeks in advance and during weekdays,
        for an added fee of EUR 10 to 20,- depending on the costs of the studio
     > for travelling to a location outside of Rotterdam, add EUR 15,- per full hour, plus travel costs


Kinetic Awareness® can be a very valuable complement to, but not a replacement for: professional physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractice, or for any kind of psychotherapy, unless this is clearly indicated by the guiding practitioner.

Kinetic Awareness® can be combined very well with most other kinds of body-mind work, somatic training, movement studies, dance, performing arts, creative work, professional work, life-explorations etc.

For a worldwide list of Kinetic Awareness® teachers and for more information please visit

For practitioners doing like-minded work,
please see the links-section on this website

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