un sacre du printemps:
soldiers of love

29 April / International Dance Day 2021
16.00h Central European Summer Time & Central African Time (UTC+2)   << click here to for your own time-zone

live on Instagram @tk_realdancecompany
or via Zoom (full audio-experience):

FULL VIDEO (16min)
LAST PART (7min)


un Sacre du Printemps : 
the dancer is sacrificed by exposure ...
respectability could go out of the window
... but what about shyness, in the moment of contact?

  • the performance will last ca. 15 minutes, followed by an optional after-talk
  • enjoy the raw, unfinished, Punk/DIY energy of the dance in-formation,
    the live-failures, the shades of meaning hinted at,
    all to the ongoing beats of "Get out of my Face!" by electro-techno pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, from 1982 ... (on YouTube)

  • this event is Gay-centered (*trans & cis!) and these invitations are sent out personally,
    please do not share lightly

  • you are very much invited to dance & assist/support the performance
    = your way, your dresscode, your moves!

    * the Zoom-meeting will be recorded, if you don't want to appear, remember to turn off your video-camera and microphone

  • in true Gogo-dancer fashion:
    if you are enjoying yourself and the dance, please give/tip generously

    - via Paypal (info@realdancecompany.org)
    - or via SEPA to NL62 ASNB 0942 8261 75 (Real Dance Company) BIC:ASNB NL21

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Q&A :
  • what about Gay militancy?
  • how do Joy & Dissent, positive male lust, go with a happy, limp-whimp, undecided energy of an imaginary softie and the Queer F***/Sissy?
  • when our hormones boil over and we are forced to fight for our right to love & exist, kick back & kick ass (with whatever bodypart) -
    how much do we fall back on 'traditional' Patriarchy?

  • this event is performed in honor of Julius Eastman (in his own words) and in protest against his contemporary mis-representation and appropriation by nationally funded, "respectable" institutions and organisations, committing heterosexist-Patriarchal erasure,
    for whatever reason or "good intentions" **
  • lovingly remembering Bayard Rustin and his shrill, high-pitched, energetic voice, full of (com)passion, demanding human rights NOW (video)
  • thinking of Yukio Mishima, his transformation from a "western" dandy to a nationalist Muscle-Macho(Mary), eventually killed by Roses (more)
    and the direct, transformative, Queer energy of Japanese Butoh ...
  • the energy of the FHAR, countless Radical Gay, Queer, Feminist activists, and their fight for a better understanding of our human existence throughout the millennia of our existence,
  • sending trans-formative energy to János Szájer, for finding & speaking his w/hole-some truth ...


** for more about these processes of marginalization and erasure, please take the time to read this longer, very recommended text
by Max. S. Gordon, Faggot as Footnote which greatly inspired the becoming of this performance

if you appreciate his sharp insights, and wish to support his work, please contact him on Medium or Twitter (@maxgordon19)

thanks to Jean-Ulrick Désert and his artwork, all ongoing conversations, incl. with Tebby W.T. Ramasike, Hazem Header,  Elie Nassar, Paolo Yao, Eltjo Felix de Graaf, Gloria Holwerda, Wilma van de Hel, Deborah Black, and many others.

aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)

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