drawing by
              Thomas Körtvélyessy
available tension: Raven
3rd version, created for the memory of Gabriela Tudor.
National Dance Center, Bucharest, Romania
14 February 2009, 19.00

> original version performed as artist-in-residence at Kinetic Arts & Sciences, New York 2005 on a grant by the Kinetic Awareness® Center
> 2nd version performed as guest-teacher at the Korean National University of Arts, Dept. Choreography, Seoul 2008

choreography, costume, dance: Thomas Körtvélyessy
special thanks to Cosmin Manolescu, Elaine Summers, and Seung-Hee Yang

The artist as a prophet, a poet, a figure bridging life and death, presence and transcendence, at the same time.
The raven, a magical bird and wanderer between worlds in many mythologies and stories.

A solo re-made for the memory of a woman met one single time in life.

The pain is to remind of us.
From it we will later, when we meet again,
if there is a later,
recognize each other.

The light faded.
Has faded.
They're coming.

from Kassandra, by Christa Wolf
Luchterhand / Random House, Germany 1983
(own translation) 

available tension: Raven 4
fourth version
Ruimte in Beweging (Space in Movement)

Boterstraat 81, Schiedam, Netherlands
as part of the evening "Improvisations

... an open podium inviting dance, music, photography, video, voice... visual artists,
to share your experience and fascinations , to meet, interact and create.

available tension: Raven - Odessa, UKR
photo © 2009 by
                Nadjezhda Formicheva. Used with kind permission
photography © 2009 by Nadiia Fomicheva

performed at The 25th Hour, Odessa Film Studio Complex
part of activities during a preparatory travel to Odessa for "Discover the East", organised with cultural NGO KusiCreaVision

> click here to read more about this travel

made possible with a travel-grant from Step-Beyond / European Cultural Foundation  logo EFC

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available tension: Raven

presented at theater lebendich, Dortmund, Germany
as a first introduction of each other during the interdisciplinary workshop
Synoptic - Twighlight zone organised by Szolga Hajnal / smart Pécs (HU)

Organised and with supported by Ernst Schering Foundation, MitOst e.V., GD Bildung und Kultur, European Programme "Europe for Citizens", Robert Bosch Foundation, IFA - Dept. Foreign Affairs Germany, and Pécs European Capital of Culture 2010

How rarely, I of all should know, did a God come down to speak through us.
But how often did we need the Gods' advice.
So what did it matter if he, Helenos, declared that the Greek would never conquer our city except through the Skaeic Gate. Which in his opinion was also true, by the way, and had the very desirable effect that the guards at the Skaeic Gate would be re-enforced. What in the world did I have to say against this.

from Kassandra, by Christa Wolf
Luchterhand / Random House, Germany 1983
(own translation)

continued into

in collaboration with Hungarian media-artist Samu Bence
and Ágoston Nagy of binaura
photo by
              Csenge Kolozsvári


(trailer for the project)

opening performance for the presentation Synoptic: Twighlight Zone
at HMKV Dortmund, Germany, August 2009

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