first performed in 2000 in the studio of Dansateliers, dependance Schiedam, Netherlands
premiere at Kunstencentrum Burgvliet, Gouda, Netherlands
with Cor Kapaan and Danielle Füeglistaller
"der Mussolini" shown at showcase Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, October 2000

popERA was created as a self-sponsored production in 2000.
It consists of a series of mini-dances, set closely to a sequence of pop-songs.

Their sequence explores questions of gender and race,
traditional ethics and individual resolution.

All means used are intentionally literal and simple,
both in terms of composition and imagery. Excess and clichéed theatricality meet minimalist dramaturgy and sensitivity.
Although the piece starts out ambivalent in terms of potentially opposing ethical as well as aesthetic points of view, the conclusion speaks a clear message, which encourages contact with "the other", whoever that might be.
total time: approximately 20 minutes


King (see Quick Time Movie ~11MB)
music: O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)  Southern ©1986

dismantling religious fervour from the wrong side of the fence?
an outcry against glorification? a genuine act of sacrifice, or just kitsch-pathos?
the dripping fluid is the central dance...

the Mussolini
solo / duet / quartet / octet ad lib
music: D.A.F. (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft / "German-American Friendship")  Der Mussolini ©1981

Note: at the time of its publication, the accompanying music-video was banned from German television
however the lyrics mock any kind of dominant "Western" 20th century ideology or religion, all in favor of non-moralist hedonism >> SEE THIS VIDEO-INTERPRETATION ON YOU TUBE

re-mixing the gay leather-stereotype imagery into something else
enjoying the many-edged fun of power and strength
post-idealistic. post-religious
unashamedly using show-dance and folklore-formations

music: Nina Simone:  Just in Time © 1962

the turning point and redemption-moment:
one of those moments when it all comes together
crossing, mixing and resolving barriers, and public/private codes of behavior
expression happens!

you'll never walk alone
including tech-crew, stage hands etc.

music: Nina Simone You'll Never Walk Alone © 1957

accumulative stillness as in the beginning and the gesture of"King"
repeated in a different variation as an invitation to make contact

throughout the entire performance plain house lights and stage lights
in equal spreading, neutral-towards-warm in colour

props:    a chair, fake-blood, a small metal cup
+ many bags of m&m's to be distributed in advance to the incoming audience
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