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original flyer, front side designed by Johan Boer, 1998
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May 29th - June 1st 1998
performed on three old and three new architectonic locations in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

improvising snapshots from sight, sound and movement


July 3rd - 5th 1998
presentation of slides, sound recordings and dance material in the cellar of Dodorama (now W.O.R.M.) Rotterdam

: re-creating the moments in public spaces in a theater space

camera / slides: Jocelyne Moreau
sound-recording / live-mixing: Anne Wellmer

with subsidy by the Rotterdam Arts Council (now Dienst Kunst & Cultuur, Rotterdam)
an aisthesis initiative.

with thanks to
Erika de Roo, Studio Peter Bulcaen, Dansateliers Rotterdam for use of studio space, Stephie Büttrich, Isak Goldschneider, Judika Leszmann, Ilse von Leander,
Claude & Sylvia Toussaint, Mariëtte, Pierre Verbeek and all the staff at Dodorama.