flyer nacht-stuk
photography by Renáta Rakolcai. used with kind permission

a small light in darkness....

Olivia Alder
Eric Chlench
Yun-Jung Kim
Thomas Körtvélyessy
Lea Martini
Ingrun Schnitzler

Dansacademie Arnhem/EDDC
19 & 20 december 2002

production: Dansacademie Arnhem/DANCE UNLIMITED and Reŕl Dance Co.

thanks to Don Springer for the chart of the equinox 2002 and comments,
Allessio Castellacci, Carla Bak, Cor Kapaan, Éva Körtvélyessy, Octavio Zelmy, Elena Casadei, Senay Funk, Sirma Chausheva, and Copy Shop Arnhem

previous excerpts performed at:
- presentation workshop Pauline de Groot, 
  footwork / Casa de Pauw, Arnhem
- Theater Provadja, Alkmaar

Olivier Messiaen Regard du Pčre
from Vingt Regards sur l'enfant Jesus
piano Carl-Axel Dominique

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Radio Prague,
Time Zones
from album "Dazzle Ships"

Radioland, Ätherwellen, Nachrichten, Radiosterne, Uranium album "RadioAktiv"

The Spheres of Celestial Influence
A Great Big Piece Of Love

Marlene Dietrich
Cherche la rose

programme notes, 2002

nacht stuk [Dutch: night piece, but also: night-broken]
was made in response to our current political situation (2001/2002), both locally and globally.

the piece evolved from the performance of a solo at C.U.A.N.D.O. New York City in 2001 during an alternative benefit concert two weeks after the attacks of September 11th. the performance space was in a squatted house and had no lights, except the cars from down on Houston Street that came shining through the windows. there was a pile of white feathers left by a previous performer which i got permission to use. it was then that i began to focus on the theme of quietness and darkness and the role of small light in it, be it a candle or a neon-bulb.

again, i became interested in the relation between technology/sobriety and poetry/multi-levels.
it lead to very quiet poetry and very personal, almost naked presences.

like in a lot of my work i was looking for reconciliation and the connections between seemingly opposite elements.

Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry provided an excellent complementary source and sections of nacht stuk are directly based on elements and scenes of the book. for the future it is my intention to expand the piece include more elements of drama to create a full evening's performance.

the dances are all based on very simple structures which are interpreted by the performers.
this demands a lot of individual input and i thank my fellow dancers for joining in this project.

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