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                                                                                                      from right to left: T. Körtvélyessy, E. Nassar, E. F. de Graaf, P. Yao


machines ♂d' tendresses /
en·semble 4 gentle men

studio presentations 2019

's Gravendijkwal 58-b
3014 EE Rottterdam

Thursday June 27, 20.30h try out  
Friday June 28, 20.30h Gay / queer night, and by invitation *
Saturday June 29,20.30h premiere
June 30, 16.00h matinee

*50 year anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings in New York City - more information 
**200 year anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman - more information

admission by donation
suggested range 15-45 euro, or what you wish to give

donations can also be sent directly to NL62 ASNB 0942 8261 75 (Real Dance Company, Rotterdam)

thank you ..

machines ♂d' tendresses
explores (gay) (male) vulnerability when we want to communicate our love and desire.
stereotypes, traditions, and hierarchies (= machines) are transformed through the moving embodied = tender human individual in the moment, alone and as an ensemble working together.
dances, centered around specific pieces of music, alternate with long musical healing drones and silence, as in a musical recital.
(how) can we accept the response-ability?

concept & choreography :
Thomas Körtvélyessy

creation, interpretation, and performance with :
E Nassar (voice), Paolo Yao, Eltjo Felix de Graaf

advice costumes and scenography:
Jean-Ulrick Désert

preparing performances
May 21               puit d'amour Queer Performance Art Festival, Ubik/WORM, Rotterdam - more information
May 24 + 25       machinespiritualités / EffèTTe(s)   ETTO Space, Rotterdam - more information

many thanks to :
Dansateliers, SKVR Dansschool, CLOUD at Danslab, Lars Wettmann / Artship, Deborah Black, Kinetic Awareness® Center, Inc., Hazem Header
and all donors / supporters

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tableau de la troupe

E Nassar E Nassar is a Lebanese artist based in the Netherlands. His pluridisciplinary background in dance, science, and literature has given him tools for a poetically scientific approach to movement that he currently develops through his choreography. Sinds February 2019 he has been collaborating with the French / Russian artist Nadia Larina on Salon de queer: contre nature, a duet premiering in 2020.

Paolo Yao Paolo Yao is a modern dancer from Reggio Emilia (Italy) now based in Rotterdam, who after finishing his studies in fashion design at age 19 studied dance at codarts, then worked with several choreographers, among others Jack Timmermans, Dario Tortorelli and Thierry Smits. In 2016 he created his first solo project H25. His main interest as maker is how to translate through movement what is not possible to be explained rationally.

Eltjo Felix
                          de Graaf Eltjo Felix de Graaf is looking to create spaces where people can feel safe enough to live at ease in a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings. Currently he is working in various independent productions and projects such as Ruimte is een Mooi Geluid (Bellevue), community art organisation SKéR, and in the alternative-underground cultural circuit around Amsterdam, including Ruigoord and LoLalanding/IJburg.

                          Kortvelyessy Thomas Körtvélyessy is working to re-form dance from the sensation of the moving body, before vocabularies or styles. His often conceptual pieces have been performed in a wide variety of settings and situations, sometimes very informal and ephemeral, such as Sokrates, other times in more established theater spaces. Since 2013 he is working on dances that examine what queer and more specifically Gay choreography could be, resulting in, among others, Pelléas material / b.a.n.q. and medvetánc [bear dance] - degrees of (in)tangibility

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