animation for LNs by T. Kortvelyessy

available tension:

a further development from 'bivak gloria'
with Dwight Marica and Robert Rosenau
Hessenhuis Antwerpen (BE) 2007

solo by Thomas Körtvélyessy

alignment - lines  of the body parts with each other
lines of the body in space
lines from the dancer to the audience in space

premiere July 12th, 2009 at Open Dans Festival
photographer: Carina Hesper. used with kind permission
photographer: Carina Hesper

repeated during Creatief Delfshaven,
LCC Voorhaven, Rotterdam, October 10th, 2009

finish of the afternoon performance
video recording by Paulo Moreno
evening performance
video recodring by Janne Eraker

bridge dance (LÑ 2)

intermedia video-dance collaboration
with Gatto Estrada Vargas
for community arts project Lage Erfbrug - bioscoop
a part of Bruggen Slaan

projections 26th October - 20th November 2009

with special thanks to Dansateliers, Rotterdam
for generously giving studio-space

as well as Kuin Heuff, Janine Brall / Espace Dulux and SKVR
(Rotterdam Association for Artistic Development) for initial help with the production

(see also: notations under provision
collaboration with Maria Karagianni
on Labanotation and copyright,started in 2008)

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