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"those who do not learn from the past
are condemned to repeat it..."

in Circles 2017

work in continuous progress, started in 1996                                                                                             click the logo to return to the main menu             

choreography & performance: Thomas Körtvélyessy
live-recording: Gerwin Luijendijk

Dansateliers, Rotterdam, Netherlands
October 22nd, 2017

this project has been made possible by a generous studio-grant of SKVR Dansschool, and by aisthesis (stg. in oprichting)
special thanks to Donemus publishers for kind permission to use an early recording of Canto Ostinato from 1984 (Vredenburg)

as well as Adolfo Estrada, Deborah Black, Ruimte in Beweging, Cor Kapaan, Arleen Crawford, Wilma van de Hel,
Cristel Stolk, Anne-Marie Pos-Terlouw, Toine Horver,
all donators, and Kinetic Awareness® Center
for their kind help and support.

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