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studio presentations:
21 februari 2020, De Studio Rotterdam
22 februari 2020, SKVR, studio 3.2 Rotterdam

Two passionate dancers, two generations, engage in a tempest about life and death, fear, desire and loss.
Movements from modern dance, tango, and ballroom, channel the intensity of Japanese Butoh.

What are the Erlkönig’s motives?
What role is there for the father?
And what is the child trying to tell us?

In the here & now of the present, a disruptive fever dream unravels, with shadows beyond social rules and norms.

Choreography and dance: Thomas Körtvélyessy in collaboration with Elie Nassar
Assistant choreography, repetitor: Eltjo Felix de Graaf
Music: Der Erlkönig; Franz Schubert | Jessye Norman - Soprano, Philip Moll - Piano, 1995
(use of the recording licensed by Universal Music Group)

Thanks to: SKVR, De Studio Rotterdam, Paul Sixta, Lody Meijer, aisthesis
Paraddy, ZUMO Outlet Store, Rafiek Mode, crescendo kappers, De Schoenmakersleest (Rotterdam)

SKVR Dansschool  aisthesis (stg. in oprichting) 

tableau de la troupe

T Kortvelyessy Thomas Körtvélyessy works as a dancer, maker and teacher in Rotterdam and beyond. During and after his studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (now codarts) the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Amsterdam, the EDDC, Arnhem and Dance Unlimited/ArtEZ, he worked closely with Elaine Summers, one of the founders of the experimental Judson Dance Theater in New York and developer of the somatic movement technique Kinetic Awareness®. Since 1996, Körtvélyessy has been working under the co-name Reàl Dance Company on various dance projects and performances. His work focuses on the sensation of dance and its relation with existing dance traditions and languages. His most recent work is machines d'♂tendresses (2019), a concert of short dances, about vulnerability and male homosexual desire and the current work-in-progress Erlkönig.
E Nassar Elie Nassar is a Lebanese artist based in the Netherlands. His pluridisciplinary background in dance, science, and literature has given him tools for a poetically scientific approach to movement that he currently develops through his choreographic work. He worked on projects as maker and performer in Lebanon, France and the Netherlands. Since February 2019, Elie has been collaborating with the French/Russian artist Nadia Larina on making a duet originally scheduled to premiere at the Marche de L'été festival in april 2020 with the support of the conservatoire of Bordeaux, the CND and the Ménagerie de verre in Paris. After the piece machines d'♂tendresses in 2019, Erlkönig is the second collaboration project between Nassar and Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company.
Eltjo Felix de Graaf Eltjo Felix de Graaf is a movement artist based in Amsterdam. He started studying dance at the Dutch National Ballet School in Amsterdam but was looking for a more liberated form of dance, therefore he started at Artez Bachelor of Dance, where he graduated in 2019. He is involved in projects with Thomas Körtvélyessy/Real Dance Company in Rotterdam and started to work with Fernando Oliviera (ANT) in the BACHproject. Eltjo is also studying to become a Certified Teacher of Kinetic Awareness®, because he is interested in creating spaces where people can feel safe enough to live at ease in relationship with their surroundings.

Erlkonig image - Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company
Erlkönig / collage by Elie Nassar, Thomas Körtvélyessy, incl. photo by Eltjo Felix de Graaf
and artwork by C. Ebrecht and M. Seeberger, used with kind permission

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