collage of (left) Laura Shapiro in "Last Gasp" photo credit Kathryn Butler, showing her in a white gown on which an overheated Earth is projeced in red and orange colors. Her white-gray hair is raised up to the back, she is looking up, with raised left arm forward, bent elbow in a dramatic gesture. (right)  Thomas Kortvelyessy in "Raven Kassandra" , frontal, wearing a black-face mask, arms outstretched to the sides and wearing a black costume, overlaid by an image of record heatwave  measured in 2022 in Abadan, Iran 53 degrees Celsius. idea of  overlay after scene from "Last Gasp!" by Laura  Shapiro, 2019

photo credits: left - Laura Shapiro in "Last Gap" Kathryn Butler Photography, 2019,
right - Thomas Körtvélyessy in "Raven/Kassandra" from video recording by Cas Pijs, 2021,
collage with NextClima,
idea based on a scene from "Last Gasp" by Laura Shapiro
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dis-embodiment and dance
(working title) 
and their relation to sociopolitical and environmental crises of our times

Sunday December 11th, 2022 (online/studio)
co-production with CLOUD at Danslab

first sharing:
Friday September 16th (online/studio)
CLOUD at Danslab, Den Haag / Zoom

co-production with CLOUD at Danslab and Kinetic Awareness™ Center

an ongoing conversation between New York-based choreographer Laura Shapiro and Thomas Körtvélyessy (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) about dis-embodiment and dance, and how they can relate to social and political crises of our present times.
  • what relation do we experience as dance-professionals between dis-embodiment and its consequences, including fascism, imperialism and continued destruction of the biosphere, of which we are a part?
  • what can be the role of (our) embodiment, dance and creativity in these processes?
  • how does acting according to our physical state relate to a dance culture where production and performance do not always allow for this to happen?

this conversation is shared in a (hybrid) online/studio setting.
each showing includes performance material in various stages of development, with related media and recordings, as well as excerpts from relevant previous works of both choreographers - who have been dealing with these questions for a substantial part of their careers.

the audience gets a chance to be involved in the process, their input further shapes its development.

earlier social media posts that became part of this conversation
- Black Swan Event , LastGasp! , Letter from Poland , between two oceans by Laura Shapiro
- dancing snowflakes , pain and trauma: political dance , lessons from Raven Kassandra by Thomas Körtvélyessy

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