available tension: come out
dance solo created in 2003
music: Steve Reich "come out"(1967)

- Amsterdam School of the Arts / SNDO - guest presentation DANCE UNLIMITED, Amsterdam
- Kunstencentrum Burgvliet / Raamtheater, Gouda, Netherlands
- SoloFestival (video, converted by Rachel de Boer) organised by Yvonne van den Akker, PickUp Club, Amsterdam
- Improvisation Festival, 't Venster, Wageningen, Netherlands


the performer improvises a single spatially geometric gesture which is repeated in a loop.
any changes are kept and followed through to alter the movement.
the final stage is one of flowing current / energy between performer and audience.
the performer's goal is to communicate a very personal form of tension in a dialogue with the audience...

video available through YouTube(tm)
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