photograph roodkapje meets de Blauwe Danser-S.
photo © 2000 roodkapje, R. Stuurman       reproduced by kind permission
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roodkapje meets de Blauwe Danser-S.
solo-performance at gallery/nightlife wear/hairdressing shop roodkapje (little red riding hood)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Sept. 30th / Oct 1st 2000

mixing several vocabularies from diverse performing professions that deal with voyeurism
(from the ballerina to the body-builder) with a personal movement style, closely reminiscent of Trisha Brown's 'silky' period.

co-production / make-up / live-mix of music: roodkapje
tutu: created by Ans Kooijmans, given by Nicole Peisl / Judika Leszmann