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ZONE SEVEN: ENDLESSNESS. This refers to the passage of the life force away from the bodily attachment, to enter into continual reflection.  Perpetual communion with endlessness, and the Ultimacy of Un-Being begin here.  NOTES ON THE ZONES There is a pattern in Zones one, two and three, the pattern being perception, reflection, and action (primary assimilation phase.)  This pattern is again reflected in Zones four, five and six (secondary assimilation phase.)  Maximum comprehension as existing within physical form is achieved in Zone Six.   Zone Seven is a perceptual change that leads to a state of endless un-being.  Developments occur within the un-being just as within the being, with the earlier developments of un-being having to do with primacy, and then progressing to totality. These are thoughts that have occurred to me over the years, as I have practiced Release, and consulted stillness.  I hope that it will be possible in this writing to describe the process and the journey that has led me to these understandings.  This description is offered only as one person’s journey, and not as any sort of example to follow.  Other journeys are occurring within the descriptive title “Release,” and some are already being well documented.  I only hope that those other journeys will also enter into the public domain.  I have talked to many people now, who have said, “Yes, I have had similar experiences,” but often they tell me that they do not find the courage to describe them, to discuss them or to write them down.   I am not alone in this space and time.  Others are with me and will tell, or maybe even have told, their stories so that a map for this somewhat un-chartered territory may be created. It is my hope that language may be created to speak about, beyond, and through perception, and enter the territory of the unexplained possible, with similar devotion, curiosity and faith that we attach to our scientifically proud thought processes. I invite the reader to gently witness my journey to another place, from body to spirit.