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SEVEN STEPS TO RELEASE—THE SEVEN ZONES OF COMPREHENSION DESCRIBED ZONE ONE: THE BODY CALLS FOR AWARENESS. This is the body primacy, first perception, the call from the body to consciousness, sensations of hunger, pain, cold, etc.  In this Zone the righting reflex maintains balance, proprioception occurs.  The recognition of space outside the body through sensation informs awareness.  Here the body seeks comfort.  A shift of weight, and an eye blink are present in this Zone.  This is an active state of awareness, however one-dimensional.  This Zone may be seen as complete and transcendent in itself, as in the animal consciousness that knows everything necessary for the animal’s complete and functional participation in life. Advanced thought is in formation here, through sensational awareness. ZONE TWO: FIRST REFLECTONS IN STILLNESS. This is the first state of reflection, where dualistic territory of mind and body are created within perception.  Interpretation and adaptation occur.  This Zone allows for separation from source, understanding of cause and effect, and awareness of influences.  Habits are created, and events are remembered.  When cold is recognized a step toward warmth may occur.  When balance is perceived as an option, and this occurs on a physical level, walking becomes possible. First acts are achieved at this level. Through reflection and the gathering of information, primary judgment is formed at this receptive level.   This is a two-dimensional activity.  The beginnings of advanced thought process, through memory, comparison of effects and creation of alternatives, are here.   This zone contains activity that forms and creates on the substantially yet primary plane of perception.  The subject of the Release Process (as experienced, and defined by Mary O’Donnell (Fulkerson) is documented here, because in that process mind and body function as fully integrated, as in Zone One, and also with mindfulness, as coming from Zone Three.  In Zone Two, fullness of participation in mind/body is still possible, though there is awareness of distinction, duality within these.  The reconstruction of wholeness of perception within mind and body is the subject of Release as described here.   ZONE THREE: THOUGHT CONSIDERED FROM A THREE-DIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVE. Here one is actively experiencing all of the space-time continuum and more.   This is an active mode of thought, where analysis becomes possible.  It implies the putting together of parts, conceiving of a whole coming from parts, mechanical invention and fundamental mathematical process; also natural sciences and the fullest developments of logic.  Included here are the naming of feelings and sensations, descriptions of the workings of the world, and the first concept of the unknown—that something may lie beyond the tools of logic; first conceptions of creation, and of God.   Personal experiences