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IOATHE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN I would like to suggest that each person exist as a “Cloud of Experience” with permeable boundaries, expanding and melting edges, and vulnerability within a biologically complex short time frame.  This “Cloud” is composed of all which, known and unknown, makes up the energy of continuity for an existence. And further, that the “Cloud of Experience” is enhanced through meeting with “Zones of Comprehension.” These Zones of Comprehension are as follows; “The Body Calls for Awareness.” “Reflections in Stillness.” “Thought Considered from a Three-Dimensional Perspective.” “Messages from Other Zones.” “Perception of Other Zones in Relationship.” “Government of All Zones.” “Wholeness.” Before describing these zones individually, I would like to describe the zones altogether, pointing to some things which characterize all of them.  Each Zone of Comprehension is always incomplete, expanding to emptiness where additional territory is predicted. Because of this perpetual incompletion for a Zone of Comprehension, the Cloud of Experience recognizes gaps of understanding, lapses of readiness, insufficiency and curiosity.  From this recognition Desire is awakened.  Desire feeds on emptiness, predicting that in emptiness there may be something to find, territory for expansion.  Fear is awakened.   Fear seeks to protect the Cloud, to maintain it as it is, unchanging.  Desire and Fear co-habit the Cloud of experience whenever an emptiness (full of prediction) in a Zone of Comprehension becomes available for expansion. The Cloud of Experience will change if the Cloud enters the apparent (full) emptiness, without configuration.  At this moment of change, the Cloud of Experience needs definition, decision, boundaries, schemata for exploration, plans, guidance, and resources.  It is like preparing for an expedition.  The Cloud would like a boundary in order to be able to recognize its return if a return is necessary.  Or, the Cloud would like to accept and decide in favor of the possibility of complete dissolution and redistribution of vapors.