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IOnRELEASE,  according to MOF RELEASE is the descriptive title under which my, (the author’s) discovery and exploration of the Zones of Comprehension have occurred over the thirty years that I have spent since 1966 as choreographer, teacher and dancer.  Within this writing I will use the Zones as a platform for discourse.   Definition, history and concepts of Release, as I have considered and understood them, will be the primary subject matter. These seven steps create for me a broad definition of Release.  They have come from my own working within Stillness, as it evokes mind and body integration and as it is contained within my own dance and choreographic practice.  Through all these years I have not been following any formalized spiritual path of study. Various important influences are described within this writing, most notably, the striking influence of a lecture by Lama Chimi Rinpoche on my life and work, studies of Gnostic writings, and some particular study of the writings of Paracelsus. I do not claim special knowledge of these sources.   Any similarities to paradigmas of religion, art and science that exist today arise from the practical study of Release, implemented through Stillness, as that has been my chief source and resource of information.  This writing is a personal statement, a history and independent system of belief.  It is a documentation of ideas and deeds, thoughts and actions coming from the reference point of stillness.  It is put forward with the hope that it may provide interest, maybe comfort, and possibly inspiration for others who are also working in depth with their own perceptual and activity fields.   From this point in the writing I will assume that the reader is aware that all she/he reads here should be taken as documentation of one person’s practice as created as it has been perceived, understood,  created, and lived by the author. Within the process of Release, Stillness serves to create awareness of the (full) emptiness that allows for exploration.  Within Release, Stillness is first and foremost something (with nothing as its nature) in itself.  Then, secondarily, Stillness is used as a bridge for the imagination to extend the Cloud of Experience to new levels of understanding.  This requires huge and prolonged effort, while also being tempered with great non-striving tolerance.