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Introduction--A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Just imagine that it might be possible to experience life as an unfolding of events indicating possibilities, an open system with permeable boundaries.   And then, imagine that each person could have the power and right to live within this open system in a position of personal simplicity and direction, thinking and moving according to individual design, and within a perspective of the whole.  Choices made would repeatedly re-define individual perception.  Each person would achieve relevance and relationship through action.  And, then, imagine that individuals might choose (or not choose) many of these possibilities for their investigations.  Then imagine further that there would be no system for this investigation, other than that created from life’s experience.  Priorities would be needed to select which events one wished to investigate.  Individuals would have to take charge of their investigations, and reckon the results.  They would have to examine their own systems of belief through conscious enquiry and unconscious exploration.  They would observe and would be significantly influenced by events happening around them, and by choices others were making.  This would result in life within the boundlessness of the Infinite.  Consider, for a moment, the metaphor of air, trapped within a balloon.   When the balloon is full of air there is a certain magic about it, that is true.   And it is a fine thing, a balloon. It floats. But there is also, in this image of a balloon, a confinement.  If the balloon is burst, if you break your own balloon, the air is set free and becomes part of Endlessness.  Maybe it’s a poor metaphor.   A possible implication here is that, if the balloon bursts, there is nothing left but an empty sagging balloon.  The experience I wish to describe is other than this.   When the metaphoric balloon bursts there is a freeing of contents, but there is no balloon skin left behind.  The metaphor works only with the understanding that the consideration itself is metaphor, and there is no actual balloon from the beginning.   Now the metaphor works.  The boundary of one’s life could be seen to burst (without leaving anything behind other than the emptiness of a used up metaphor,) letting in influences from diverse sources, and constantly re-establishing changing boundaries.  This would create endless possibilities for growth and development, an endlessness of options.Experiencing this endlessness, one might discover that not only are there many roads to Rome, but that there are many “Romes.”    One might teach oneself to continually evaluate self-learning, playing the part of both the teacher and the student. Everywhere in life there could be opportunities to open and to close; to engage and to disengage; to fill, to contain, and to empty.  And one might be able to choose which of these opportunities to use according to seriously constructed guiding principles.