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music: Hans Zender, "Hölderlin Lesen I" (1979)
dancers: Liron Dinowitz, Kirsten Enkelmann, Erica Knoedler
Elaine W. Ho & Anouchka van Driel

Dance Unlimited, profile Open Form Composition,
Dansacademie Arnhem, Netherlands. February 2004

guide-teacher: João da Silva
external assessor: Jonathan Burrows

Hölderlin Lesen - trio version

made as a dance-layer to "Hölderlin lesen I" (Reading Hölderlin, 1979) a string quartet with voice by German composer Hans Zender, a musical interpretation created from the reading of the unfinished poem "An die Madonna" (To the Madonna) by German poet Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1832)

The scetch for a hymn by Hölderlin, which he wrote in his late age, is a plea of the poet/seer to the Mother Mary as the Christian interpretation of the Mother Goddess, who is called upon as the protector of what is young and growing, against the acerbity of what is old and embittered.

The music by Hans Zender creates a transition of this text into the 20th century and combines serial atonal composition for string quartet and spoken voice reciting the text, with pseudo-Beethoven motives that are both created from the same music material (its can be read tonally or a-tonally).

The dancers "read" these layers of music and text live and combine them in a danced interpretation that transcends movement styles (pedestrian vs. classical ballet) and methods (set choreography vs. open improvisation) into a more timeless and holistic event that re-releases the content as a live-communication with an audience.

Like the recited original text, the choreography remains fragmentary and the dancers find their way through it anew in every performance.

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