General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

with the introduction of new E.U. legislation effective May 25th, 2018
this website is subject to regulations about your data as a visitor, and when you contact the company.
the legislation has been created with the proclaimed goal of improving the privacy of E.U. citizens.

(if you live in the Netherlands, please inform yourself about the Sleepwet which by now has been ratified without changes)

when you visit this website,
or submit your e-mail adres or any other contact information,
you are entering a temporary contract with
Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company *
under the following conditions

company data controller and processor
the responsible data controller for this website and all related correspondence is

Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company
3021 GS Rotterdam, Netherlands / 288-C1

and can be reached at web[at]

use / time-frame
all your data is only stored with the explicit goal of maintaining contact with you, but only as long as you continue to give permission for such contact.

right to inquiry / change / erasure
you can ask at any time what identifiable data is kept about you, have it changed, or erased.
please contact web[at] unless there is an out-of-office situation, your request will be answered and completed within a week.

your privacy
under no conditions other than having to comply with law-enforcement, will collected data ever be given to anyone else. for as long as it is possible, Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company will NOT use your data with external e-mail services such as Mailchim etc., nor connect any database to any social media like Facebook or Twitter.

see below for more security-measures



cookies are only used for webstats and for the most basic functionality of visiting this website,
nothing else is collected about you by the company.

the company is NOT using cookies to track your online behaviour, collect other data or create a profile of you.

apart from embedded videos, where you run the risk of cookies via YouTube/Vimeo,
the website itself is designed to work equally well if you disable cookies in your browser,
except for a very small number of older pages that still use JavaScript.

emails / correspondence
having contacted the company, your contact details will be exclusively available to:
  • the addressed person at the company
  • the company-webmistress
  • an internal administrator with the task of sending out round-mails and newsletters
this data will be only used for communications with you,
until you make it clear that you do not wish to communicate any further, or give written express permission to share it with someone specific. all personnel at the company are legally responsible to not give data about you to anyone else, without your expressed consent, except when having to comply with law-enforcement.

your rights
you can always inquire about your data stored at the company,
have it changed, or erased
please send an e-mail to web[at]
your request will be answered within one week from having received your inquiry

you may be asked if you want to receive our round-mails and newsletters.
if you gave such permission, you will receive such newsletters until you decide to stop:
in that case, please return the most recent e-mail saying STOP in the header or text.

request to erase all your contact data
if you wish to have all your stored data erased please send (or add) the word ERASE in the header or text. unless out-of-office, all related data will then be erased no later than 3 (three) business days after receiving your mail.

invoices remain subject to applicable laws, including contact data of the involved parties.
according to Dutch law such data must be kept for a minimum of 5 years.


data storage
your contact-data are stored offline on the main laptop, and on an external hard-disk for regular backups. this external hard-disk is only connected with the laptop for making backups and is physically kept at the office.

anti-virus-software (ClamXav) continuously keeps monitoring the laptop for any intrusions at any time, and is updated to its latest version automatically. the operating system of the laptop is equally kept updated automatically.


the website can be approached via https.
make sure to change your earlier bookmarks (http)

all e-mails to you are sent via STARTTLS through the current hosting-company, hosting2go,
located in the Netherlands. this is their privacy-disclaimer in Dutch.

(the Dutch application of the E.U. legislation is called 'AVG')

strange e-mails from
please contact us at your earliest possibility, it is highly unlikely that this was intended.
thank you in advance!


this contract between you and Reàl Dance Company has been formulated with the best possible diligence. if there should be any differences with existing E.U. (GDPR) or Dutch legislation (AVG) the E.U. will always take precedence over the Dutch and both will take precedence over this agreement. if you know of such a difference, any information and reference are greatly appreciated.

Thomas Körtvélyessy / Reàl Dance Company, 3021 GS, 288-C1

registered business at the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam, Netherlands

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