"those who do not learn from the past
are condemned to repeat it..."

in Circles
work in continuous progress, started in 1996

an ongoing meditation on the human lot
in self-created labyrinths of (con)sequences for 1 to 5 performers :

• improvised repetitions create accumulating and developing circles of continuously extended movement sequences in time and space.

- it is up to the performer how many circles s/he wishes to develop, how they develop them and what their motivation is at any moment.

- all actions happen real-time, the audience is free to come and go, change their seats etc.

• all performers wear completely black clothing allowing fast movements easily over a long period of time, and wear shoes with heels.

- the group ideally has a nearly equal rate of men & women

- the movement vocabulary is based on perceptive emotion articulated into dance steps: combined from walking, turns, small jumps and gestures of the upper body.

- once a movement has been made at a certain spot in time, it counts as part of the overall vocabulary and as fully valid composition.

• these phrases are developed further in real time from performance to performance.

studio Eden's Expressway (solo), New York City, 1997
original music composition: Isak Goldschneider.
live-pianist: Guy Livingston

with special thanks to Frances Alenikoff, Choun Ea, Elaine Summers, and Meg Chang

other performances:
1998 - duet and trio-version, concert series of choreographer's collective ars kinetica, Rotterdam 1998. original music + tapes Isak Goldschneider
2000 - solo performance at KU Nijmegen, Netherlands. music: "canto ostinato" by Simeon ten Holt (tape)
2003 - artist-in-residency with Eva Tremel at Stichting Akasha, Arnhem Netherlands. music: "canto ostinato" by Simeon ten Holt
2005 - taught as repertory piece at MEKAN, studio for contemprary dance, Istanbul, Turkey. music: "canto ostinato" by Simeon ten Holt (tape)
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