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FỮ-LÂN (future language) << TEMPUS FUGIT >>

live-interaction with 'Rauschmaschine", created and played live by Margriet Kicks-A$$
kunstuur, evening about futurism, Heidegger, Rotterdam,
24 May 2011
PRODUCED BY filosofiebedrijf
camera and editing Rolf Versteegh

> dance & Futurism, then & now

the dance is performed from two images -

one is a dancer in the desert/dunes, all today's knowledge absorbed and available,
dancing in the future and towards the future ...

the second is a discarded clown-figure, a style grown old, beyond itself,
grotesque, a-temporal, empty, imitating clichés and expressions of the past in a machine-like alienated way (quoting subconsciously from Martha Graham's "Lamentation")
creating an almost Butoh-like performance

> in memoriam Valentine de Saint-Point (the Goddess of Futurist Dance)
> with thanks to Nina Hagen "1968 is over, .. is OUUUUHVERRRRRH, 2010 -  is - o-vah ... FYUUH-TCHEURRR IS' NOWWWWWWW ~"

> thanks Eugene Büskens, Rolf Versteegh for his brilliant video,
Janine Brall and Bruno Listopad / Disjointed Arts

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